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14 RATP locomotives

The first two locomotives have been delivered for a series of tests. The remaining twelve locomotives will be delivered in the course of 2005.


Additional order of railcars for Corsica

The Corsican Regional Authority has just placed an additional order for 3 AMG railcars, bringing the fleet of railcars to 12, to be delivered by CFD to the Corsican railways.


10 trains of railcars for Tunisia

The Tunisian railways have placed an order with CFD for 10 AMG-type railcars with characteristics similar to those of Corsica. The contract was signed in Tunis on Monday 31 January 2005 in the presence of the Prime Minister, Mr Raffarin and his Tunisian counterpart, Mr Ghannouchi. The success of the AMG railcar makes it the reference in the niche of metric track diesel railcars.

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