Opportunities and partnerships

Opportunities and partnerships

CFD is an entrepreneurial project and in this context we are constantly looking for new partnerships and opportunities.

Known for its activities in the railway field, CFD is above all a technology company. CFD develops a diversified portfolio of assets consisting of majority stakes in European companies and real estate.

Recovery by industrial backing

Joining the CFD group is an opportunity to integrate the methods that have made us successful: production management, search for scalability, culture of innovation and transformation.

Our approach is to perpetuate know-how and to create a network of shared expertise, which enhances the value of our collaborators.

We take shareholdings in sectors where our industrial methodology (management, organisation, innovation, development) is a real advantage for the companies we acquire.

Carry out company projects

CFD is likely to support business creations for which synergies of skills are possible between project leaders and CFD's experience in business development.

The purpose of these partnerships is to set up projects made credible by the backing of CFD, and for which the project leaders retain operational development roles.

Co-investing in skills sharing

The establishment of partnerships in a Joint Venture spirit is part of our DNA for projects of significant size for which a series of multidisciplinary skills are required.

CFD then has vocation to bring its industrial, railway or software experience to allow the realization of larger projects.

Real estate assets

CFD manages a diversified portfolio of rental properties (retail, warehouses, residential, offices) and is attentive to takeover opportunities for this type of asset.

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