Examples of different models of Billiard Railcars

Examples of different models of Billiard Railcars

By production order

Many railcars and trailers were built in the billiard workshops. Below are two examples of Billard railcars: the first CFD order and the new type of railcar for the Corsican network.

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The A 135 D1 railcars, Nos. 501 to 503

("Piglet" type)

This is the first C.F.D. order from the Etablissements Billard, dated September 12, 1934. These three railcars were equipped with a 135 HP Berliet MDK engine, which was replaced in 1946 by a 100 HP Willème engine. Spacious and comfortable, the bodywork offered 36 seats on leather benches.

Here are the main dimensions:

Length 12,05 m

Width 2.40 m

Height (above the rail) 2.70 m

Tare 11 t

These railcars were delivered on the following dates: 10/01/1935, 06/02/1935 and 06/03/1935, for the South Indre-et-Loire network.

The 501, after being officially presented to parliamentarians, road and bridge engineers and representatives of the C.F.D., on the Esvres - Ligueil route, around 15 January 1935, left for Laroche - Migennes to carry out its tests and was presented there on 26/01/1935. It was tested again on the Le Blanc - Argent line on 02/02/1935 before returning to Ligueil where it started its service at the end of February 1935. The 501, 502 and 503 railcars have always provided the hard service of the Ligueil-Loches-Ecueillé line.

It is worth noting that the original prototype, which left Billard's under the n° 688 (the 501, 502 and 503 came out under the n° 712, 713 and 714), intended for Congo-Ocean, was taken out of the Billard factories at night, put on the Tours tramway track and thus routed on the C.F.D.'s Northern network for its first tests.

The 503 was destroyed by collision with locotractor No. 13 on 19 July 1949. The 501 and the 502 were sold, on February 26, 1952, to the R.T.M. serving the Rhine delta from Rotterdam. The 501 became the M 2001 engine and the 502 was converted into a 2011 trailer.

Autorail 502, type A 135 D1, on the C.F.D. in Ligueil, in 1937
Autorail 502, type A 135 D1, on the C.F.D. in Ligueil, in 1937
Autorail 101, prototype A 210 D, at Bastia station
Autorail 101, prototype A 210 D, at Bastia station

The A 210 D railcars, Nos. 101 to 106

It is a new type of railcar, specially designed for the Corsican network. No. 101 was ordered as a prototype on 01/6/1934. It was delivered on 15/06/1935. It was equipped with a 210 HP MAN engine, LCV type, and a Winterthur gearbox.

Here are its main characteristics:

  • Length (overall) 17,595 m
  • Width 2,400 m
  • Height (above the rail) 2,740 m
  • Motor bogie wheelbase 2,600 m
  • Wheelbase of the carrying bogie 1,600 m

The body is divided into two partitioned compartments on either side of the access door. 25 seats in the large compartment, separated from the engine by a mail compartment, toilet, near the central door. 16 seats in the small compartment, provided in 1st class, on the carrying bogie side, above which there is a large luggage compartment and a driver's cab.

The following railcars, Nos. 102 to 106, were not ordered until 29/07/1935. The bodywork was somewhat different from model no. 101. With elegant and harmonious lines and curved sides, these beautiful railcars were equipped with a MAN 834 engine for 102 and 103, and a MAN L.W. engine for 104 to 106. They were also equipped with the Mi- nerva gearbox, type 84.000, which was later generalised on all the other Billard railcars.

The 102 and 103, were delivered on 01/07/1936; the 104, 105 and 106, on 10/01/1937.

Railcars 102 and 103 were destroyed during the war. The 104 and 105 were converted into trailers in May 1957.

In April 1958, No. 105 was re-equipped as a railcar and fitted with a 220 HP Moyse engine.

The motor bogie of the 103 was used for the construction of a locotractor No. 403, which has now been reformed.

Thus, railcars Nos. 101, 105 and 106 are still in service, and No. 104 has been converted into a trailer.

Autorail 106, series 102 to 106 of the A 210 D from Corsica to Bastia
Autorail 106, series 102 to 106 of the A 210 D from Corsica to Bastia

source : Regional and Urban Railways 108 1971-VI

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