Historical documents

Historical documents - Asynchro

A series of documents and historical articles related to the company

C.F.D. workshops, productions and services


The Montmirail workshops were created in 1947 by the general manager at the time, Mr. Zens. The establishment in this geographical location was the result, on the one hand, of the abandonment of the r

C.F.D. workshops, productions and services

The ASYNCHRO transmission


The difficulty of transmitting high power in mechanical gearboxes does not come from the gears, which are suitably dimensioned and have no other limits than that of the gears themselves

A French mechanical transmission


A locomotive gearbox, designed to avoid a sudden loss of tractive effort when shifting gears, has been used on twin-engine locomotives with a power rating of up to

A French mechanical transmission

The operation of the "Asynchro" box


Manufactured in the Montmirail workshops, the "ASYNCHRO" hydromechanical transmission has a single coupler in the hydraulic part, which avoids the use of torque transformers that do not have any coupl

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