Range of axle reduction axles.

Because they are the most critical elements of a railway machine's transmission chain, CFD develops and manufactures its own axle gear units for its traction vehicles. These speed reducers ensure the transmission of high torque from the electric motors to the axle and wheels of the vehicle. CFD gearboxes each have a wide range of reduction ratios to provide high traction torque or high output speed.

PR18 CFD Gear unit
PR18 CFD Gear unit

The bearings, pinions, spur and bevel gears of our gearboxes are calculated to ensure a long service life under extreme operating conditions. High-precision machining ensures high efficiency and quiet running. The internal design of the gearboxes is adapted to the mission profiles of the vehicles on which they are mounted, so depending on the model, the position of the bevel gear can be either on the input shaft or on the axle. Particular attention is paid to the internal lubrication system, the choice of seals and sealing rings, and the type of cooling. The sturdy crankcases are made of mechanically welded sheet steel to allow, on request, all types of adaptations or variants impossible on cast assemblies (displacement of the drain plug, addition of sensors, positioning of the filling and the connecting rod attachment). We carry out the assembly of the axle axles ourselves in our workshops and can ensure the delivery of complete wheelsets. For all requests, please contact our services to analyse your needs.

Specific gearboxes and gearboxes for railway rolling stock.

We can also offer our other power transmission components (gearboxes, reducers for electric motors, DC CFD electric motors) and adapt them to your project according to your specifications. As part of the development of our permanent magnet and asynchronous traction solutions, we have developed a gearbox with two speed ranges (shunting and line).

Two-range gearbox for SRPM motors
Two-range gearbox for SRPM motors

The box has two input shafts and one output shaft for the assembly of 1 to 4 engines in parallel. This gearbox with parallel shafts allows two speed ranges and a neutral towing position with pneumatic or electric cylinder control. Lubrication is provided by a permanently driven pump on the output shaft. The housing is based on the dimensions of our 2D33 DC traction motor for installation in place of each of these components (modular system) All these components are available on request for all construction, renovation or spare parts projects (as complete subassemblies or spare parts)

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