Normal track tractors

Normal track tractors

type BB 200

Built from 1953 to 1957, this model was directly derived from the type 020 C and was of the same mechanical design as its predecessors. However, the 180 HP Willème engines each controlled a bogie with two axles connected by connecting rods.

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Description of the C.F.D. tractors

Their cabin was larger and the whole thing had been lengthened. Ballast, in the form of cast iron cranes, had increased their weight to 421. This one could reach 521, according to the units. Their speed could, without damage, exceed 50 km/hour.

The decoration was identical to that of the previous series, however, the bumper crossbeams had a white border, intended to attract the attention of the personnel circulating in the factory yards, where his machines were, most of the time, used for the execution of maneuvers.

Delivery and assignments of the tractor type BB 200

Of the 15 units built by the Ateliers de Montmirail, only 7 ran on the departmental networks and the leased S.N.C.F. lines. Of these seven, only three were used by the C.F.D.: the BB 202, BB 205 and BB 207.


Initially built in 1954, for the Solac company, this tractor was acquired by the Pas-de-Calais Departmental Transport Authority for its Bapaume line in 1976 where it took No. 3. Bought back in 1976 by the C.F.D., it was assigned to the Autun depot on October 24th 1976 where it took over n° BB202. He was in charge of the freight train service until 1978, when he was sold to the V.F.D. in Vizille.

Normal-track BB 202 tractor being tested at Montmirail shortly after leaving the factory. (Collection C.F.D.)
Normal-track BB 202 tractor being tested at Montmirail shortly after leaving the factory. (Collection C.F.D.)


The BB 204 was built in 1954 and delivered on 5 January 1955 to the Pontcharra line at La Rochette (PLA) where it was still in service in the following years under the n° BB06.


Built in 1955, it was equipped with an experimental 550 HP Poyaud engine and tested on the Richelieu line from April 22nd 1955. After 8 months of service, it was leased by the S.N.C.F. on December 19th. This engine was changed for two 200 HP Willème then a 400 HP Poyaud. Sold to the VFD on February 7, 1962 it was registered 0220-10.

Tractor BB 205, on the Morvan line, shortly after its commissioning. (Collection C.F.D.)
Tractor BB 205, on the Morvan line, shortly after its commissioning. (Collection C.F.D.)


This tractor built in 1955, and equipped with a 550 HP Poyaud engine, was assigned directly to the Autun depot on August 3, 1955 to handle heavy freight trains. Detached from January 7 to June 15, 1972 on the Richelieu line to test a new transmission, it returned to Autun for an endurance test. It was finally sold to the V.F.D. in Vizille in 1978.


Built in 1956, it was delivered on 28 February 1956 to the Régie des Transports de l'Aisne (RTA) where it ran on the lines of this company under the n° BB 401. It was equipped with two 207 HP Poyaud engines and was assigned to the Saint-Quentin depot.


The BB 213 built in 1957, was delivered on April 9, 1957 to the Société des Voies Ferrées des Landres (VFL) where it ran on the line from Labouheyre to Mimizan under the n° BB 001. It was equipped with two 180 HP Willème engines.


Built in 1957, it was delivered to the RTA on 15 January 1958. Assigned the n° BB 402, it is also equipped as BB 401 with two 207 HP Poyaud engines. It was finally assigned to the Soissons depot and then transferred to Saint-Quentin in October 1961.

source : MTVS 1989-1 and MTVS 1986-2

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