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Overview of rolling stock designed and manufactured by the company

History of the machines

1990Locomotive Class 20

These locomotives manufactured by English Electric were purchased by CFD in England to operate them on the Autun network.

Locomotive Class 20
1991Penly Funicular

The vehicles of the Penly funicular delivered by CFD Industrie in 1991 are of a similar model to the one in Penly.

Penly Funicular
1992Tignes Funicular

The construction of the Tignes funicular by vehicles was a technological feat: the design imposed was a cylindrical cauldron.

Tignes Funicular
1997BB Locomotive 2200

Locomotives designed by CFD Industrie for the Scheuchzer company and built by the Montmirail workshops for the first ones and by CFD Bagnères for the following ones.

BB Locomotive 2200
2000Locotractor B350 EC

The B350 EC are two-axle locotractors equipped with a generator set and an under-body electric motor that drives the axles by means of axles and cardan shafts.

Locotractor B350 EC
2002X74500 Autorail

These articulated railcars with 3 bogies were built by CFD in Bagnères for the Blanc-Argent network.

X74500 Autorail
2005Locomotive BB 1800 (Bison)

BB CFD locomotive equipped with an 1800 horsepower MTU engine, Voith transmission, and CFD trucks with Gmeinder axles.

Locomotive BB 1800 (Bison)
2005TME Locomotive

The 14 TME (Tractor with Electric Power) supplied by CFD Bagnères to the RATP are electric BB locomotives with a power of 440 KW.

TME Locomotive
2008AMG Autorail

The concept and design of AMG railcars represents modernity for metric rail networks: high performance, increased capacity, passenger comfort and aesthetics.

AMG Autorail
2009Euskotren Locomotive

Locomotive in metric gauge, dual mode, built for the Euskotren network by CFD Bagnères in cooperation with Ingeteam which supplied the electric traction chain.

Euskotren Locomotive
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