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Overview of rolling stock designed and manufactured by the company

History of the machines

1980BB 800H Locomotives

These bogie locomotives with 600 to 900 horsepower are equipped with a CFD powershift gearbox that drives the axles via axles and cardan shafts.

BB 800H Locomotives
1980EMC Autorail

These railcars were manufactured for the SNCF in order to maintain the catenaries of the TGV Paris-South-East line.

EMC Autorail
1981Locotractors B 200HL

The B 200HL locotractors, designed for lighter manoeuvres, have often been built with industrial type transmissions.

Locotractors B 200HL
1981X5000 Autorail

Twin-engine railcar equipped with two CFD powershift gearboxes and bogies with all axles driven.

X5000 Autorail
1983X240 Autorail

These railcars were built for the Blanc-Argent network, where the axle load was limited to 8 tons.

X240 Autorail
1984BB Locomotive 1500HV

These twin-cab BB locomotives are equipped with a 1500 horsepower diesel engine and a Voith gearbox that drives the CFD axles of the trucks.

BB Locomotive 1500HV
1988Thonon Funicular

CFD Industrie delivered the two vehicles that make up this funicular to Poma-Skirail in 1988. Each body is fixed on a chassis that compensates for the slope and rests on two axles.

Thonon Funicular
1988POMA 2000

The wheeled vehicles of the POMA 2000 transport system installed in Laon were delivered by CFD in 1989 and provide the link between the upper and lower town.

POMA 2000
1988Road-rail FB 8000

Road-rail vehicle equipped with a traction chain for travelling on the road and another one for travelling on the railway

Road-rail FB 8000
1989Corsican Autorail 97050

These railcars intended for the Corsican network were designed and manufactured by SOULE in Bagnères de Bigorre in 5 specimens.

Corsican Autorail 97050
1989Funicular railway

The Bourg-Saint-Maurice funicular vehicles designed by CFD Industrie and manufactured by the Montmirail workshops were delivered in 1989.

Funicular railway
1990A2E Autorail

the A2E is a two-axle railcar designed and manufactured by SOULE in Bagnères de Bigorre. Economical due to its simplicity and single agent operation, it was used by CFTA.

A2E Autorail
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