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CFD Machine Museum

Overview of rolling stock designed and manufactured by the company

History of the machines

Animated machines, do you have a soul?

They were born from our imagination or that of our clients, they were the fruit of our work, they generated a lot of stress and many satisfactions, they have not all become myths like Belphégor but have sometimes been forgotten. Whether we built them or operated them, these machines mark the memories and the great moments of our history.

1958Locomotive BB 433

Twin locomotive equipped with two Asynchro gearboxes that drive the reversing axles through cardan shafts.

Locomotive BB 433
1959BB Locomotive 60001

Single-engine locomotive equipped with a torque converter and an Asynchro gearbox that drives the reversing axles mounted on one of the axles via cardan shafts.

BB Locomotive 60001
1962BB Locomotive 432

Locomotive BB 432 was the first CFD locomotive with an asynchronous gearbox to adopt trucks without connecting rods.

BB Locomotive 432
1963Y 7400

With 489 units, the Y 7400 is the largest series of locotractors ever made in France.

Y 7400
1965BB 71000 Locomotives

These locomotives were designed by CFD but manufactured by Fives-Lille. The transmission consists of a Ferodo coupler, a CFD Asynchro gearbox connected to the two reverser axles.

BB 71000 Locomotives
1968CC Locomotive 80001

The CC 80001 locomotive is equipped with two 1550 horsepower diesel engines and two Asyncho gearboxes had extraordinary performance at the time of its release.

CC Locomotive 80001
1974Locotractors B 350H

The B 350H locotractors were designed by CFD in 1974 for the industrial branch line market which had been dominated by the Moyse company until then.

Locotractors B 350H
1974BB 600 Locomotives

The BB 600 locomotives are twin-engine machines with 2 Asynchro gearboxes that drive a reversing bridge located on each bogie.

BB 600 Locomotives
1975Type 1200/2000 autorail

The first railcar manufactured by CFD at the Montmirail workshops for the Corsican network succeeds in meeting the challenge of being both inexpensive and economical to operate with high performance.

Type 1200/2000 autorail
1977Locotractors C 500H

The first 3-axle locotractors with powershift gearboxes were manufactured for the Cimenterie de l'Orientale (CIOR) in Morocco.

Locotractors C 500H
1977Autorail 220 KW normal track

Twin-engine normal track rail car equipped with two CFD Asynchro boxes and used to monitor the condition of the rails.

Autorail 220 KW normal track
1979BB Locomotive 1400H

These BB locomotives are powered by two 720-horsepower diesel engines, each driving one bogie via a 2-speed, 2-range CFD powershift transmission.

BB Locomotive 1400H
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