Bogies for railway rolling stock

CFD manufactures its own bogies because they are critical elements for both traction performance and safety. For a traction vehicle, adhesion to the rail is the key word and our solutions set the benchmark in the field. For a passenger train, stability at high speed and comfort are paramount.

Single-axle CFD bogie
Single-axle CFD bogie

All our bogies shown on this page are available for your rail vehicle projects, but please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss them. We have many other models of bogies designed and manufactured over the last 70 years to equip our various vehicles or those of other manufacturers. We will always be able to offer you a solution that meets your expectations and is adapted to your constraints.

Our range of bogies

CFD offers bogies for all types of rolling stock (railcars, diesel and electric locomotives, metros, maintenance-of-way vehicles or funiculars) and in different gauge variants (narrow, normal or wide tracks) with one or two suspension stages. We master the design, the calculation of the chassis and structural elements and of course the manufacturing, which allows us to adapt our products to your requirements whatever the type of railway vehicles to be equipped.

Bogie for railcar
Bogie for railcar

In this wide range, you will find the rustic Pennsylvania type balancer and coil spring bogie that withstands repeated shocks and vibrations due to rail joints on degraded tracks, the independent wheel funicular bogies, our TRIAX bogie with articulated end driving axles, the single-axle model with shock absorbers and connecting rods for light railcars, the one with air suspension for self-propelled trainsets and finally our new driving bogie for locomotive application. All models are available with all types of pneumatic braking systems (shoe brake blocks, disc brake calipers and electromagnetic brake pads) and all types of accessories (sanders, flange lubricator, speed sensors, ground contacts).

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