Asco Instruments: sensors, gas analysis

Asco Instruments: sensors, gas analysis

Industrial technical pole

As part of CFD's industrial technology division, ASCO Instruments produces a range of measuring tools: from pressure transducers to gas analysis.

Industrial measuring instruments

Founded in 1979, ASCO Instruments is a manufacturer of measuring tools. ASCO joined the industrial technology division of CFD in 2012.

ASCO carries out the manufacture of this equipment in its Châteaufort workshop as well as its maintenance, in Châteaufort, or on its customers' sites.

A wide range of products

ASCO has developed a wide range of products: from very high pressure sensors to gas analysis.

ASCO is certified for ISO 9001 and ATEX standards.


ASCO Instruments has been producing force and pressure transducers since its foundation.

Today the range includes voltage, pressure and level sensors.

All these sensors can be used in hostile environments, especially in ATEX (explosive atmosphere) zones.

These sensors are used by the oil industry for drilling, in water treatment, or by the aeronautical and naval industries.

Cable tension sensor - ASCO Instruments
Cable tension sensor - ASCO Instruments

Breathing air

ASCO Instruments' breathing air products come in many forms and meet a variety of needs.

In particular, the company produces air analysers for distribution networks or compressor outlets, ideal for industrial sites.

ASCO also offers analysis racks for oxygen cylinder filling. These bays are for example used by firefighters and scuba divers.

The company has also developed mobile air analysers with remote alarm for asbestos removal sites.

Breathing air test case - standard EN 12021 - Asco Instruments
Breathing air test case - standard EN 12021 - Asco Instruments

Gas analysis

In addition to breathing air issues, ASCO has invested in a multitude of gas analysis tools, including the following examples:

  • Catharometers measuring helium, methane, hydrogen or carbon dioxide concentrations
  • Oil vapour or VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) analysers
  • Airborne particle counters (ideal for site applications)
  • Universal or dedicated air flow measurement unit for ATEX zones (explosive atmosphere)
  • Dissolved oxygen and gaseous oxygen sensors
  • Sampling module

These tools are used, for example, in sewage treatment plants, sewers, in the production of biogas or boiler room discharges.

Explosimeter - ASCO Instruments
Explosimeter - ASCO Instruments

Car parks

ASCO Instruments offers a range of products dedicated to the protection of people in car parks.

These products are designed to detect toxic gases such as carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide. ASCO produces a ventilation control module compatible with its detection units.

These products are distributed to car park managers or installers.

Hazardous gas detection system for small car parks - ASCO Instruments
Hazardous gas detection system for small car parks - ASCO Instruments

Production machines and control benches

ASCO develops specific production machines and test benches, primarily intended for industry (aeronautics, automotive, railway, nuclear, etc.).

Bench dedicated to burst tests - ASCO Instruments
Bench dedicated to burst tests - ASCO Instruments


Industrial SMEs and large international groups use Asco Instruments' maintenance products and services in production and service sectors as varied as the oil, nuclear, aeronautics, railway, shipbuilding, construction, recycling and energy production industries, as well as specialists in parking and vehicle parking solutions.

ASCO Instruments distributes its products worldwide, either directly or through distributors.

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