MICROTRANS: tms transport

MICROTRANS: tms transport

Supply Chain Division

Microtrans offers a TMS solution for loaders, that is dedicated to manufacturers and distributors who sub-contract transportation.

Serving the operational supply chain

Microtrans has been a publisher of TMS (Transportation Management System) software since its creation in 1980.

Reputed in the transport departments, Microtrans enables its customers to control their purchases from carriers (costs control, measures of quality of service and delivery time).

The TMS makes it possible to control purchases from carriers.
The TMS makes it possible to control purchases from carriers.

What is a Transportation Management System?

The TMS is a tool for controlling the transport function.

Each company must deploy a logistics process that is specific to it while relying on market solutions for its SCM (Supply Chain Management).

This logistic process must include the optimization of the transport function in which the TMS must be perfectly integrated.

The TMS market is divided into two segments:

  • TMS for carriers
  • TMS for loaders (companies who purchase transportation)

Microtrans operates in the field of TMS loaders.

Microtrans thus brings complementary expertise to CFD's Supply Chain Execution (SCE) division.

The logistic TMS can interface with the WMS (Warehouse Management System) or the WCS (Warehouse Control System) and thus allows CFD's SCE division to offer a powerful global solution.

The optimizations brought by the Microtrans TMS for loaders

First of all, it enables the best logistics structure to be defined through the use of simulations integrating calls for tender and historical data, while controlling the quality of services.

It also provides fine optimizations such as mutualization, tracking (label management), volume reservation, schedule management with carriers taking into account the various logistical constraints (forecast flows, partner transport plans, etc.).

As a support tool, administrative teams use Microtrans to:

  • Determine costs including taxes and different service elements
  • Verify supplier invoices and generate payment vouchers
  • Track provisions
  • Post accounting and cost accounting entries

Recognized business expertise

Customers appreciate the business expertise of the Microtrans teams. Many companies such as L'OREAL, PILOT, NORAUTO, LEGRAND, HACHETTE, BONDUELLE, CHARAL, BOSTIK, SODEBO have chosen Microtrans' solutions.

Partner of the AUTF (http://www.autf.fr), Microtrans is recognized as an "Expert in Transport Optimization for loaders".

To learn more about MICROTRANS please click on the link below: https://www.microtrans.fr/

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