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Rouxel Informatique offers a fleet and fuel management solution for the transport of people and goods.

Rouxel Informatique

Founded in the first of July 1992, Rouxel Informatique joined CFD's supply chain execution division in 2012.

The company offers a fleet and fuel management solution (FMS - Fleet Management System), which is part of the software CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) family.

The WINATEL and WINCARB suite manage the constraints related to the management of passenger transport fleet and offers a multi-company, multi-user, multi-database solution.


WINATEL is the solution to manage a workshop, in particular to execute the preventive maintenance plan.

The tool allows you to manage the workshop's intervention schedule and the employees' time registration.

The frequency of operations is adapted according to various parameters such as the kilometres travelled by the vehicles.

The software assists the workshop in the management of the spare parts stock or in the invoicing of interventions to customers.

The reporting includes a table for monitoring periodic checks (maintenance indicator).

This CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) tool is particularly suitable for workshops in bus depots, site machinery depots, or for rail maintenance (tramway, underground, etc.).

Winatel allows to manage the workshop intervention schedules.
Winatel allows to manage the workshop intervention schedules.


WINCARB is the fuel management tool. The tool analyses consumption per vehicle, per driver and detects any abnormal increase.

The deployment of WINCARB contributes to reducing fuel consumption.

The tool also offers a fee management module.

These functionalities make WINCARB a tool as adapted to the transport of people as to the transport of goods.

CMMS maintenance and specific developments training

A Rouxel Informatique CMMS consultant trains users in WINATEL/WINCARB solutions.

As each repository has its own particularities, specific developments can be implemented.

Flexible, the solution adapts to any CMMS specifications.

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