Petroutilaj - 3DRD

Petroutilaj - 3DRD

Railway hub

Petroutilaj-3DRD is the result of the merger between 3D Rom Design, a Romanian design office created by CFD, and Petroutilaj, a hundred-year-old Romanian company active in the oil and railway sectors.

A figure of Romanian industrial history

Founded in 1899, Petroutilaj is specialized in the production and repair of railway, oil and heavy machinery in the construction industry. The company has functioned as a central workshop of the Romanian company ASTRA, having as its object the production and repair of oil equipment (boilers, duplex pumps, slurry pumps, hydraulic heads, blowout preventers, intervention tools, etc.).

Petroutilaj has been a large industrial company in Romania, with several thousand employees, and in fact still benefits from the experience of its employees today of a certain notoriety in the Romanian milieu. Badly affected by the fall of the Romanian regime, the Petroutilaj group has been split up into two groups into several activities; and only the railway repair activity has remained until now.

The company is now a factory for the construction, repair and renovation of all types of railway rolling stock: locomotives, locotractors, railcars, wagons, etc. The factory is located in Câmpina, 100 kilometres north of Bucharest.

Petroutilaj joined the CFD group in 2015, merging with the 3DRD design office created by the group in 2001.

Locotractor at the Câmpina plant
Locotractor at the Câmpina plant

A recognized rigour of execution

The first strong point of the factory is the competence of its workers, inherited from the Romanian industrial tradition. This enables it to handle all types of projects, especially small series or old machines whose parts are no longer produced.

Like any company in the sector, Petroutilaj delivers services whose quality is particularly controlled both by the internal independent team, but also by external organizations.

Here are some of Petroutilaj's certifications:

  • ISO 9001 - Version 2015
  • ISO 3834-2:2005 (Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials)
  • NF EN 15085-2 (Railway applications - Welding of railway vehicles and components)

Another strong point: the plant is connected to the Bucharest-Brasov line via a 2 kilometre long private railway track, ideal for carrying out dynamic tests.

Construction and renovation of railway rolling stock

In addition to producing the different ranges of rolling stock of the CFD group, Petroutilaj is well established in the Romanian railway renovation market.

Petroutilaj is the Romanian specialist in diesel locomotives and handles repairs and renovations of locomotives and railcars for CFR, the Romanian national railway company.

The plant also renovates the wagons of all the companies operating on the Romanian railway networks, such as the German DB Schenker.

Inheritance of its historical oil expertise, Petroutilaj also offers a wide range of equipment: oil pumps, electro-compressors, pneumatic winches, etc.

New wagon wheel sets
New wagon wheel sets

3D Rom Design Office

3DRD (3D Rom Design) is a design office created by CFD in 2001 to subcontract part of the studies carried out by the CFD design office located in France.

3DRD's staff is composed of highly qualified engineers and technicians from Romanian universities who train every year nearly 30,000 engineers with recognized skills. With CATIA, SOLIDWORKS and ANSYS licences, 3DRD carries out all types of studies and calculations for the CFD group but also for other Romanian railway manufacturers. 3DRD can carry out structural calculations in static or dynamic, thermal, acoustic and fluid dynamics among others. The studies apply to complete machines or sub-assemblies from the simplest to the most complex (chassis, cabins, hoods, electric motors, gearboxes or complete bogies for example). The design office relies on the history of CFD drawings for its new component designs while ensuring their compliance with the most recent standards or possible technological developments without however denying reliability and robustness.

The design office is located in Bucharest and has computer links to the Paris and Câmpina sites.

Two ranges gearbox for permanent magnet electric motors developed by 3DRD
Two ranges gearbox for permanent magnet electric motors developed by 3DRD

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