Industrial Techniques Division

CFD diversifies its industrial offer with EPPE and SEGRIF, distributors of niche solutions.

Acquisition of the Flamée Group in 2011

Based in the region of Liège in Belgium, EPPE and SEGRIF manufacture and distribute industrial equipment with high added value.

CFD will take a majority stake in the Richard Flamée Group in 2011, composed of the Belgian companies INGRIF, SEGRIF and EPPE, the French company PENTA and the Luxembourg company Laser Engineering.

This is the genesis of two new divisions: the logistic division with PENTA and INGRIF, and the industrial techniques division with EPPE-SEGRIF. These two divisions will then be strengthened by new acquisitions.

Overband with Lenoir Magnetic Systems magnets
Overband with Lenoir Magnetic Systems magnets

Proprietary solutions

EPPE-SEGRIF offers robust, proprietary solutions that are optimal for intensive industrial use.

EPPE-SEGRIF's computer and electronics engineers have, for example, developed the ORDIKEY computerised access control system, often interfaced with the TIM software for staff time tracking or the ORDIBORNE terminal for tracing goods and people.

The CIMPLICITY tooling allows the supervision of automated industrial processes while the ORDIPUMP software is used for fuel management.

Radio remote controls for overhead cranes or industrial locomotives simplify operations within industrial sites.

EPPE-SEGRIF also produces mechanical parts according to drawings.

Charlet deck block with grapple
Charlet deck block with grapple

Distributor of excellent industrial solutions

EPPE-SEGRIF has a detailed knowledge of its industrial customers and has forged partnerships with European producers of niche solutions.

Thus, EPPE-SEGRIF assists its customers in the management of flows within industrial sites. To this end, the Belgian company distributes the steel clamps of the Italian company Slingofer Meccanica, the spreaders, grabs and skips of the Spanish company Blug, the accessories for overhead cranes (pulleys, pulley blocks, etc.) of the French company Charlet, the vibrating screens of the French companies Sinex Industrie and Chauvin or the lifting electromagnets, magnetic detectors, conveyors and metal extractors of the French company Lenoir Magnetic Systems.

In the field of high precision, EPPE has concluded a partnership with the German Dr. Brandt GmbH, which has developed a range of tensiometers and industrial weighing solutions, and with the English Proton Products for their Doppler laser cameras.

In addition to its proprietary software solutions, EPPE-SEGRIF distributes the TX-VISIO range of carrier software (time, violation and route management) from French DIS-Transics.

Measuring a steel strip in a furnace with a Proton Products camera
Measuring a steel strip in a furnace with a Proton Products camera

To learn more about EPPE and SEGRIF please click on the link below: http://www.ingrif.com/

  • MICROTRANS - TMS transport
  • Infflux - logistics WMS software
  • PENTA - WMS logistics
  • EPPE-SEGRIF - industrial solutions
  • INGRIF - logistics software integrator
  • ROUXEL Informatique - CMMS software
  • Combrail - rail transport
  • Asco Instruments - sensors, gas analysis
  • Petroutilaj 3DRD
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