INFFLUX: WMS logistics software

INFFLUX: WMS logistics software

Supply Chain Division

INFFLUX is a recognised Supply Chain editor and leader in the optimisation of the operational supply chain.

A publisher of solutions dedicated to the operational supply chain

In order to gain agility and reactivity to honour its commercial promise, every company must manage, pilot and optimise the flows of its operational supply chain, from the warehouse to its end customers, whether professionals or private individuals. INFFLUX offers companies and e-merchants a wide range of software to optimally manage all their flows - physical and information - in order to reduce their stocks of goods, make their order preparation more reliable, speed up their delivery times, thus increasing the quality of service and, de facto, satisfy their customers, who are increasingly demanding and volatile.

Its main mission is to offer the best software response to companies who wish to rapidly gain fluidity, reactivity and speed in the execution of their logistics operations, in and beyond their manual, mechanised or even robotised warehouses.

  • Manual and/or automated warehouse management software - WMS and WCS
  • Transport flow management software - TMS - Charger - TMS
  • Applications for the digitisation of business logistics processes - Supply Chain

WMS, WCS, TMS: management and optimisation software

At a time of digitalisation and flow acceleration, INFFLUX's WMS, TMS and WCS software packages optimise all stages of the operational logistics chain.

Companies thus gain in precision and reliability, while optimising time and quality.

  • The BEXT WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a software offer dedicated to warehouse management and optimisation. In instantaneous time, this warehouse management software delivers information on the state of stocks such as the quantity available and controls the missions of logistics operators, with a constant concern for optimising time and travel. With a wide functional coverage, its function is to manage receptions, organise storage, prepare orders, control dispatches and ensure the traceability of products and processes. A WMS reduces storage and order preparation errors, speeds up inventories and makes all operations more reliable, a guarantee of service quality.
  • An ideal complement to the WMS, the TMS (Transport Management System) is a truly strategic software solution to assist in the management of shipper transport, one of the highest cost items in logistics. The TMS will, for example, define the most efficient transport schemes to reduce costs and transport time while respecting quality, improve truck load factors and track shipments in real time.
  • Controlled by the WMS, the WCS (Warehouse Control System) is a tool for optimising the logistics flow of an automated or even robotised warehouse. It collects the data provided by the WMS and then implements and valorises them. Acting as a regulator for the fluidity of logistics operations, the WCS distributes the workload and provides instructions to the various machines such as robots, carousels, palletisers, conveyors, etc. Its aim is to maximise the efficiency of automated handling equipment and even the robotisation of order preparation.
WMS software interface
WMS software interface

A flow of solutions driving Supply Chain agility and responsiveness

The BEXT range from INFFLUX offers three main categories of solutions for management, control, planning and optimisation, designed and conceived according to the needs and specificities of the players in industry, distribution, e-commerce and logistics services.

Operational Supply Chain Solutions

  • BEXT WS - warehouse management and control
  • BEXT CS - management and control of mechanised systems such as robots, miniloads, palletisers.
  • BEXT TS - management and control of the loader transport
  • BEXT AM - event management and dynamic supervision of the collaborative chain

Business solutions: e-commerce, returns management, dangerous products, etc.

  • BEXT Sort and Go - management of e-commerce order preparation, spare parts, reverse logistics or returns management
  • BEXT Hazardous materials management - management and control of a Seveso III warehouse

Digital Supply Chain Applications

  • BEXT Apps for Supply Chain - mobile applications for managing logistics processes from receipt to dispatch (BEXT Apps Retail Connect, BEXT Apps Procurement, etc.).

The INFFLUX team at the service of its customers

The publisher has one of the most experienced teams in the optimisation of operational supply chain flows, with more than 300 projects to its credit. Strong of numerous "know-how" and a quality methodology proven on the field, the INFFLUX team is composed of project managers, study managers, hotliners, quality specialists and trainers, all specialists in SCM (Supply Chain Management).

Among the leaders in supply chain software
Among the leaders in supply chain software

The publisher offers software solutions that meet the current and future challenges of many business sectors such as food, retail, industry, chemicals, cosmetics, logistics services and e-commerce. The publisher stands out for its in-depth knowledge of logistics best practices and its software offer that can be configured according to the specific needs of its customers.

Among its references, we can mention renowned actors such as, GEODIS, L'OREAL, CHRONOPOST, SERGENT MAJOR, SOCAMAINE or PETZL.

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  • Infflux - logistics WMS software
  • PENTA - WMS logistics
  • EPPE-SEGRIF - industrial solutions
  • INGRIF - logistics software integrator
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