PENTA: logistics WMS software

PENTA: logistics WMS software

Supply Chain Division

PENTA, logistics software editor, offers a modular WMS suite.

Modular WMS software, for a tailor-made solution

Penta publishes a warehouse management software suite and deploys it to its customers.

The WMS (Warehouse Management System) software is designed to optimize operations within the warehouse. The WMS has become a standard tool with a proven ROI. For example, it allows you to save time by recommending a better distribution of stocks or to reduce errors in the preparation of orders (for example by tracking stocks or by checking the weight of the load).

Over the years, the functionalities provided by the WMS have been enriched to extend to the supervision of all the tasks carried out in a warehouse.

Penta offers a solution designed by logisticians, providing business managers and warehouse managers with an information and decision support system.

Warehouse management software
Warehouse management software

Modular WMS software for a tailor-made solution

The PENTA software suite manages the logistics flow of a warehouse in real time. PENTA WMS is a high-performance, standard tool suite, enriching a common core.

The modular approach of this logistics erp brings versatility, adaptability and upgradability: it allows to position oneself at the right need and to propose a tailor-made offer.

The modules address each of the key functionalities of the WMS: reception, storage, optimisation, destocking, order preparation, labelling, etc.

PENTA WMS, for all warehouses

Penta addresses all sizes of warehouses, from the smallest with a few handlers to giant logistics platforms with several hundred people.

Penta Warehouse Automatic System is a WCS (Warehouse Control System) dedicated to mechanized, fully or partially automated warehouses. The software controls stacker cranes, conveyors, AGVs and palletizing robots.

WCS software
WCS software

Simplicity of use and deployment

The user interface is intended to be as intuitive as possible, both for the manager and the handlers.

PENTA WMS ExPert is a multi-site stock management software and allows the visualization of stock levels on each site with different search axes. The tool allows to consolidate stocks and to propose inter-site transfers (vendor managed inventory).

Expertise at the service of customer specificities

Penta's team of business experts has a cross-functional approach to logistics management, acquired by operating in multiple business sectors.

The implementation of the solution has been studied to optimize the cost of installation. The project manager is an expert in logistics, for an easier mutual understanding in the implementation of the SCM (Supply Chain Management).

The PENTA team has developed in-depth sectoral expertise in a variety of fields: pharmaceuticals, literary publishing, bottling of wines, spirits and alcoholic beverages, iron and steel industry, food processing, cardboard and paper, etc.

For example, the management of material, coil or slab fleets has given rise to dedicated solutions such as Penta Scrap Management System, Penta Coil Management System or Penta Slab Management System.

These specialized versions of Penta pilot specific industrial tools: GPS tracing, cameras, steel cranes, etc.

Finally, the size of CFD's SCE (Supply Chain Execution) division means that Penta can always respond to specific needs through ad hoc developments.

WMS Material pool management
WMS Material pool management

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