Combrail: rail transport

Combrail: rail transport

Railway hub

Combrail, created in 2016, brings a new rail transport offer.

Rail Operator

Combrail was born from the meeting of Frédéric BROHAN and CFD.

Fascinated by industrial and secondary railways, Frédéric BROHAN spent most of his professional career at the SNCF in the field of traction.

Combrail's concept is to provide rail transport services at a lower cost by relying on a lighter management structure, adapted regulations and a more rational use of personnel and equipment (reduced number of staff, versatility, specific equipment).

A successful bet for Combrail, which has demonstrated its professionalism at each EPSF and STRMTG audit.

COMBRAIL recruits and trains its operations and maintenance staff locally.

Freight Transport Operator
Freight Transport Operator

Freight Transport Operator

Combrail's first activity is rail freight, in Auvergne, near Thiers.

Combrail provides daily goods traffic between two plants on a railway line belonging to an intermunicipal union.

For this specific need, Combrail has wagons optimized for the transport of paper reels and cardboard shavings.

Transport of paper reels
Transport of paper reels
Transport of cardboard shavings
Transport of cardboard shavings

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